F&B at china: standard and digital market

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China runs world’s largest consumer market for food and beverages (F&B) products. This makes Chinese market increase in demand for foreign brands. F&B export from Spain to China is increasing from past years. China is a vast food importing country, which would continue to grow as Chinese middle- income market becomes more. There are many people who want to try more different foods. Marketing agencies have opportunity to work with many companies related to wine, food and other imported products.


Coffee consumption in china

In the recent times, the Chinese market has developed a lot due to the investments made by the foreign brands. China is known as one of the most promising markets for international coffee shop chains. More and more companies throughout the world are looking for the ways to develop branding, marketing and communication services that would be relevant to Chinese consumers.

Food habits in China

Chinese show a great interest in eating healthy food items. They are very sensitive to their body weight and pay more attention to eat healthy food. Chinese have a rapid development of food e-commerce. Many of the consumers refer to buy their food online and they really appreciate internet services for the purchases of food products. Many of the sites make promotional discounts, and offer for the spring festivals.

Chinese use we- chat for F&B businesses

We-chat is one of the most popular social networks in China. By using this app one can make free messaging and video calling which allows users to stay connected with the other people.

It is quite interesting if you want to create your own menu and page or get mobile payment. It is easy for the user to purchase their products. You can also see the clear visibility of the menu on the screen. One can also share videos and photos of your prices and products to earn and take attention of your consumers. For More Information, Please Visit :

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