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Electronic Wedding Gift Ideas

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More and more, people are turning to digital gifts for all types of occasions, and wedding gifts are no exception. There are many benefits to choosing electronic gifts instead of physical gifts, and probably the most obvious is the hassle of heading to a store. Nobody likes walking through endless aisles and standing in long checkout lines, so doing your gift shopping electronically can be a huge stress reliever.

Additionally, sometimes it’s simply not possible to make it to the wedding ceremony, so brining the couple your gift isn’t feasible. Sure, you could ship them their gift; but that is often very epensive and it’s hard to judge exactly when the wedding gift will arrive. Instead, here are some completely electronic wedding gifts that you can send the happy couple so they know you’re thinking of them on their special day.


Square or PayPal Payments

If you have ever wanted to send cold hard cash to a person, then you know it can be stressful to send it via mail. Money can easily be stolen from your mailbox, and once it’s gone there is no getting it back. Instead, many couples have started accepting payments via Square or PayPal. That way, you can instantly and electronically send the couple money for a wedding gift, and guests can even swipe their credit card at the reception to transfer them some money!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are probably the oldest form of electronic gift in existence, and everyone knows how they work already. But now, you can purchase and email a gift card code to the bride and groom so they can purchase whatever items they like from any store that they wish. Best of all, you can get gift cards in any dollar amount, so they work for every budget.

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Gift Registry

Gift registries are another old school concept, but they are rapidly being modernized. Once a couple has put together their gift registry, you can log onto the website and buy items right from the comfort of your own computer or smartphone. Some couples even create registries for wedding supplies such as napkins, plates, sparklers, or other things to make their day more magical. Sometimes getting help with the expenses of the wedding will help a couple to have a more memorable day while also making for a rewarding gift for the giver.

The world is changing rapidly and everything is shifting to digital format, so taking advantage of it can be very beneficial. Just make sure the couple is comfortable receiving electronic wedding gifts ahead of time and they will probably appreciate how much more simple it is to handle.

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