Using Digital Signage to Broadcast Emergency in Buildings

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At the time of emergencies it is the responsibility of institutions such as universities and colleges to let people working and studying over there to know that such a situation is imminent and thus help them take the necessary measures. This needs to be done in an efficient manner and also in the shortest time possible. This is often easier said than done because all the students, staff members and faculty have to be informed and that number could go up to thousands of people at least. One also needs to take into account the size of the campus of the college/university.

Size of campus

The bigger the campus, more difficult it becomes for the college/university authority to inform all the abovementioned entities at once. Now, these people may be spread at different areas in a campus but in case of an emergency everyone has to be reached irrespective of their locations. The question is how to achieve such a goal? One viable way seems to be using digital signage and that is the avenue that most educational institutions are turning to these days. This medium has helped authorities provide important information quickly to all stakeholders in an efficient manner. This is applicable not only for emergencies but generally-important campus issues as well.

Importance of digital signage in such situations

In cases like emergency – and in general life as well – where one needs to be able to accomplish things in a short span of time it is essential that the emergency address system can work quickly and this is where digital signage brings such a relief to one and all. Now, the question is how you choose a digital signage system that works the most efficiently in such situations. Well, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind in this regard.

The right system should also be an easy one

Majority of the digital signage systems that you use these days use cloud-based software systems that are proprietary in nature. These can be quite difficult to master and then use. Ideally educational institutions should be looking at systems that are using technology that their staff members may be able to use on a daily basis without much trouble whatsoever. This will also make sure that the administrators face no problem in getting content on these signboards. This comes in handy especially in situations such as impending emergency.

Using a system that is easy implies that your regular staff does not need to spend a lot of time in training new members to the workforce in how to use the system. There are a few digital signage systems that are capable of supporting applications that are rather usual these days, especially in contexts such as a university or a college. Using such systems enables administrators to create content with ease and also share it without so much as batting an eyelid.


Hypersign is a digital signage system that is associated to electronics giants such as Google and Samsung. It offers a signage solution named theconnectEDU. This system is compatible with systems as simple as basic PowerPoint files. This means almost any member in your staff can create content and get it displayed on board. You can also create slideshows in formats that everyone is familiar with and you don’t even need to take the help of people working in the IT department. That’s how easy it is!

Preparing emergency messages

As has been said already in times of emergency you need to be quick with your messages so that they reach people and they are able to take necessary action or act on suggestions provided to them. It has to be done in a timely manner so that the maximum amount of people can be saved. One also needs to take into account the fact that this needs to be error free, in any way imaginable. The problem is that in a crisis how can such a goal be achieved. After all, it is common sense in the face of impending crisis human brain only prioritizes survival and there is always a chance that there can be mistake of some kind or the other in such situations.

The key lies in bringing down the number of decisions that have to be taken in case of an emergency. This can be done by being prepared beforehand. All you need to do is create message templates for all conceivable kinds of emergencies that may happen in your area. You can also do some rehearsals with staff that are supposed to look after digital signage in your educational institution. This will make sure that people are prepared and they know the drills to be followed at the time of different emergencies. It is also important to make the messages as simple and straightforward as possible.

You may also want to create a generic message applicable for all situations. This will make sure that in case they are able to – during those emergencies – the staff members can fill in necessary details for one and all. It is also important that certain students are allowed to access this data so that they are able to upload them on social networking sites so that people connected to the college or university – but away from campus – can get wind of the same and take the necessary actions. In these days and times, digital signage is something that every educational institution needs.

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