One of my friends was hiring technical writers for his magazine. In our days, we had learnt about writers, it is in this era that we have refined the niches. I was curious as to what qualities he is looking for as a technical writer because as far I know, techies need not be good at writing and writers might not be tech geeks. His insight was very useful. According to him, it is no rocket science to be a technical writer. Anyone can grasp the jest and write effectively on given topic. Here are a few guidelines or better say, qualities that he was looking for in a technology content writer3

First quality he mentioned was that, the writer should be able to curate the contents on his own words. It just requires understanding the topic thoroughly and then giving the words to what he has understood. It should come out in an interpretable manner.

Secondly, the writer should take care of plagiarism. If he is using someone else’s idea(s), then proper citation has to be made. If he is using resources like journals, papers, etc. then he should be in a habit of giving references. Proper documentation is the prime requisite of technical content writing.3

Next, the technology content writing job is a responsible position. The writer takes the responsibility of the audience to make him understand the idea that he is conveying and that too in a simpler fashion so that the jest, which the reader was missing out while reading the research paper, could be conveyed via his write-up. He can go more technical if he is writing for people with higher degree of education or he could go easy while writing for novice audience. The point here is, the writer should be able to identify the people for whom he is writing and accordingly he should paraphrase.

Generally, some people do not care to revise their writings. Like a pupil, who rushes out of the exam hall without reviewing the answers he has written. My friend was strictly against this attitude. He wanted someone who is patient enough to re, reread, and read, as many times it need until a perfect draft is prepared. This eliminates the general errors, grammatical mistakes, language, sentence formation and more.

Lastly, he told he might conduct a small test on grammar or give a page to write to know the writing style of the person. What he notices there is clear and concise sentence construction and the creativity with which he could convey his point.

Hence, if you are looking for a technology content writer job, then make sure you are well versed with the above-mentioned guidelines and these could be the general opinion of your potential employer.

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