Awesome Benefits Of Server Virtualization For Small, Medium, And Large Sized Businesses

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Server virtualization is one of the most advanced and useful concept in the world of technology that offers great capabilities and efficiencies that aren’t just possible due to limitations within physical world. It helps to maximize output of each and every physical server by using them more.

The concept of virtualization allows you to create set of partitions from the physical server resources including memory, processor, as well as hard disk. There are numerous benefits offered by server consolidation that affects the business. Let us explore some of them in detail!


Less operating costs

Since more workloads can be run on less hardware, the cooling and power demands get considerably less. This means less operating costs for business and can even forestall projects that are capital-intensive.

You will also save greatly on the time that is used to administer the physical servers. End users will thereby be more productive.

Increases uptime

Most of the sever consolidation platforms offer numerous advanced features that aren’t found on the physical servers that ultimately helps with the increased uptime and business continuity. They offer great capabilities including storage migration, live migration, high availability, fault tolerance, etc.

All these technologies give the Dell Poweredge servers to recover quickly from the unplanned outages. The ability to easily and quickly move virtual machine from one server to another is one of the greatest benefits of server virtualization.

Improved disaster recovery

Server virtualization provides the organization the most important components to build out disaster recovery solution. The first amongst all the components is hardware abstraction capability.

It removes dependency on some particular server model or hardware vendor. So, the disaster recovery site doesn’t require keeping the identical hardware handy anymore to match their production environment.

Secondly, by consolidating Dell Poweredge servers to a few physical machines, the organization can easily create affordable replication site. Moreover, most of the enterprise server virtualization platforms have some special software that can automate the failover when some disaster strikes. The same software offers an awesome way to test disaster recovery failover too.

Easy management and deployment

Managing the virtual servers is far easier than managing the physical servers. The server consolidation software comes with management tool in order to manage the virtual servers and their components effectively.

For instance, if you require adding one NIC to server, it can be easily done by just few clicks in the virtual environment, while in the normal environment, you would have to switch off the physical server, fix the NIC, and restart your server. Well, doesn’t server virtualization save your great amount of time?

Moreover, with the server virtualization, it is very easy and quick to implement multiple OS technologies on just a single hardware without investing in extra hardware in data center. Moreover, by consolidating the applications as well as its environment, you can greatly extend its life and maintain uptime.

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