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With the availability of smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly widespread, there is almost no excuse for a business not to be able to accept credit cards. Even if you are in a very remote area or setup in a tent in a parking lot, you can still take credit cards with today’s modern apps and credit card readers that plug into your headphone jack. Though most businesses have embraced the notion of accepting credit cards in one fashion or another, it can be confusing for some older businesses that have done things the same way for a number of years. If you are interested in updating your cash register system to accept credit cards but have no idea where to start, read on as I compare some of the most popular apps for accepting credit cards to help you choose the best one for you.


Square is probably the best known name in the mobile credit card processing arena, and they got there by doing more than just some clever advertising. Square was the very first company to offer a credit card reader that plugs into your headphone jack on any smartphone or tablet, and their design still holds several patents that “bigger” companies are trying to outdo. Since the release of their app called Square Register, the company has held over a 65% share of all mobile credit card processing transactions in the United States. This is mainly due to the platforms ability to bring credit card payments to places you couldn’t do it before like gardening centers in the middle of a parking lot or a vendor selling wedding sparklers to brides at a wedding expo. All that revenue has turned them into a powerhouse of a company, and has also led to them creating the most stable and easy to use app on the market. If you are looking to accept credit cards, Square Register is the perfect app to check out first.



If you’ve ever shopped online at a large website or on eBay, you are probably familiar with PayPal. For more than a decade, PayPal has literally owned the online payment game and has all but cornered the market entirely. In fact, many people would go as far as calling their partnership with eBay a monopoly, but that’s a discussion for another time. Shortly after Square saw so much success with its credit card app, PayPal decided they ought to throw their hat into the ring as well. About a year after the launch of Square Register, they launched their own digital cash register system called PayPal Here to a fairly lukewarm reception.

Though many people like PayPal for processing their online transactions, their attempt at riding on the coattails of Square angered many people who see PayPal as a bully. Square had been considered to be a pioneer that made a fantastic app for a fair price, and PayPal wanted to suck up all that profit right out from underneath them. Fortunately, now that several years have passed, Square continues to increase its lead in the market while PayPal is struggling to remain relevant. There is a time and place to use PayPal, but when you want and app that can process mobile credit card payments; there’s no substitute for Square Register.

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