Amazing Press Machines to Ease the Industrial Work

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There are lots of tools and machines which have made various industrial processes easier.  Advanced machines have not only minimized the effort and cost of production but also have increased the efficiency of the industries. Presses are the mechanical tools which are required in the industrial process manufacturing. Press machines are available in different sizes and have different energy levels. Depending upon the size of the press machine, the amount of the force applied and output is varied.  Large press machines are required for applying tremendous amount of force for various manufacturing processes. The size of press machines determines the nature and method of delivery of energy or force.

Applications of press machines

It is used for the forging metal in the industries.  The high amount of energy is applied by the press machines which are quite different from dropping hammers which offer energy to work by collision. Presses are also used in sheet metal fabrication and metal extrusion processes which are required in the manufacturing industry.  It is also used in manufacturing various parts of the plastic products.


Types of press machines

There are various types of press machines. The press machines are categorized as:

  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical

Hydraulic press machines are the types of machines which are powerful and deliver the energy for manufacturing processes through hydraulic pressures. This type of press machine works on the principle of fluid pressure difference.  This type of press is capable of operating over a large area and with constant machines. They are comparatively slower than the other type of press.


Mechanical presses are the type of press machines that primarily transform the rotational force into the translational force which performs the action of pressing. Mechanical presses are faster and more efficient than the hydraulic one.  The correct ranges of strokes are required while using mechanical press for the manufacturing processes in the industries.

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