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If you closely follow the evolution of flashlight technology in the past several years you will see that they have never been so rapidly evolving like they are evolving in 2016. Just in 2016 there were 10 different new flashlight models on the open market released in just 6 months.  Today’s flashlight are no longer seen as a simple lights but as a multi-functional tool that can be helpful in different situations.

For all of the new flashlight models released on the open market only 3 flashlight models have become popular among flashlight consumers. Those 3 flashlight models are: tactical, military and led flashlights. In this post I am going to give you a detailed review about these 3 types of flashlights and why are they revolutionizing the flashlight industry. All of our data on this post is pre-researched and confirmed from the data gathered from flashlightpedia.com and other flashlight oriented websites.

Tactical flashlights

Tactical flashlight are mostly know for theirs multiple feature modes. Each mode on a tactical flashlight is especially designed so that it can serve you in different circumstances. You can use the flashlights in outdoor and indoor circumstances but their sole purpose is for emergency situations. In order for a flashlight to be classified as a tactical flashlight it has own within these featured modes: focus mode and telescoping mode (zoom mode). Within these feature modes on the tactical flashlights it is very important that within the focus mode these following sub-modes are added: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The strobe mode is the most powerful mode on a tactical flashlight which when turned on it uses the full lumen capacity which can be used to neutralize any potential danger. Form all the tactical flashlights the most popular of them all is the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlight.


Led flashlights

One of the advantages that led flashlights have over every other flashlight technology is in their revolutionary hardware concept. All flashlights hardware set up work on a very similar principle where for transmitting the lumen power a led diode is being used. Unlike other flashlight technology led flashlights for transmitting the lumen capacity use a led chip. Led chips have a square body structure which is focusing the entire lumen power in one directionallowing the flashlight use its full lumen capacity. There are several good led flashlights on the open market but if you want the best led flashlight then I recommend to you the Shadowhawk X800 led flashlight.

Military flashlights

If you compare any kind of military technology with regular technology you will see that military technology is X10 more advanced that regular technology. When it comes to military flashlights they are more advanced than regular flashlight but not that much better. The advantage that military flashlights have above every other flashlight technology is in their long lasting battery capacity. For a flashlight that is used in outdoor circumstances,it is very important that it has a long lasting battery longevity. Most military flashlight last up to 48 hours but the best military flashlight the Alumtact X700 military grade flashlight can last up to 72 hours of constant work. If you desire a military flashlight then my recommendation is the X700 flashlight.

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