3 Common Mistakes that every Coder Make

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The world is going digital now days, in the beginning people were happy with static and very common HTML websites layout but now those days are gone, developers have to deliver something unique and interesting to their clients. They have to make dynamic layouts and they also need to take care of SEO points for the website success in Google.  So, the job is little tough and they must need expertise in all the aspects. DevelopIntelligence have made this possible for coders, they will help you in every aspect to avoid mistakes while coding.


Here are the 3 Mistakes that coders make

Missing SEO

Most of the developers think they know enough about search engine optimization. They take it as granted. But in real, there is lot of things to see about it. SEO is not all about putting a good content, adding Meta tag and Meta description. There are lot more things to learn about it.  A developer should definitely see points like loading time of the site, are contents getting indexed or not, is the CSS code correct or not. Survey says in 90% cases a SEO guy of the website has to fight with developer to do lot of changes in code according to ranking point of view of the website.

Optimization of Bandwidth Usage

Sometimes users have to wait for a long time to load a 15 to 16 MB size page, though they have high speed internet. In such situations developers have to think about the bandwidth of the website. Optimization of bandwidth can improve the speed of loading a page. The problems can be with Minification of all CSS or JavaScript, Optimization of pictures size and resolution.

Unwanted semi colon

Coding is a huge thing and a coder has to take care of so many things to write a code. So, some dashes and semi colon issues are so common. And because of that the programme cannot be run. It is always advisable to recheck the code after it done.

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