15 Basic Sales Prospecting Tips for Beginners

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Everyday there is a new product or technology that is meant to connect people around the world. With each change comes opportunities for business growth and marketing, but if you are just getting started out, sales can be an intimidating process even with these conveniences.

There are a number of things to remember when you are just getting started with your sales prospecting.


  1. Know your audience

If you want to be successful with sales prospecting, it goes without saying that you have to have a clear idea of who you are targeting.

  1. Know your goals

Be reasonable when you are starting out, and set target sales conversions at a reachable place. If you spend all of your time and budget on prospecting without knowing what to expect, you’ll never see the return on your investment.

  1. Understand the competition

There are plenty of ways to follow your competition to see how they’ve been effective and how they aren’t. This will help you present your product as unique to what is available.

  1. Clarify your lists

Categorize and tailor mailing and outreach lists as much as possible, so you can efficiently deliver personalized content. It’s okay to have some reach targets, but you want to be sure that the most content goes to those likely to buy.

  1. Grow your contacts naturally

There is a common myth out there that buying an email list can start your business off quickly. If you are looking to grow your email list, use the avenues you have available, from social media to your network, and let it go from there. You don’t want to start out as a business that is seen as spam.

  1. Tailor your pitch

When getting started, it can be tempting to send blast emails to everyone in your contact list. Tailored content on the other hand, has a better chance of being read and can help you start to see which parts of your pitch work and which don’t.

  1. Send quotes

Giving your customer base a clear idea of what you present and how they can fit it in their budget is a great way to kick-start the sales process.

  1. Socialize

Be on social media. Follow the people you want to sell to, and follow industry leaders that you can gain unparalleled access to.

  1. Sign-up for LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows users direct access to potential customer, and has proven to be one of the most successful ways to convert B2B sales.

  1. Take it offline

This may sound blasphemous in the 21st century, but sometimes a phone call can make a huge difference. If you send an email, follow up with a phone-call; even if it goes to voicemail, you have a much higher chance of getting an immediate response.

  1. Don’t give up

No matter how your initial contact goes, one of the best sales prospecting techniques out there is the follow-up. This may sound a bit confusing, but the chances of your sales on initial contact are incredibly slim. With each non-spammy and personalized follow-up, you have a greater chance of gaining a client.

  1. Take criticism

Negative feedback can be the fastest way to learn what works in your pitch, and what doesn’t. Stay open minded, no matter what your ego says.

  1. Be an expert

These days it is easy to set-up a blog, whether it is on your site or on a hosted platform. Definitely post relevant content that can help you seem like an authority, and customer will want to engage with you.

  1. Share your expertise

If you don’t have a huge following, try sharing the content that you create on any available platforms.

  1. Stay positive

Don’t fight with a customer and don’t fight with yourself. Sales are all about building relationships, and this won’t happen overnight.

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