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10 Tips to Crop your Photos in the Best Manner!

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Cropping is an art; it doesn’t matter what kind of a photo editing software you use, if you have mastered the art of cropping, you can get anything done from the photos you have in your hands. Cropping is one of the toughest, yet easiest tools in any photo editing software. If used carefully and in the right way, this single tool can make a lot of difference to the entire photo album that you give to your customers or keep as a memory at home.

What are some of the best cropping tips? You ask. Here are some of the best tips to remember and use while cropping your pictures:

  • Don’t overcut the picture: This is something most of the people do, but it only leaves the viewer with half the things they wish or deserve to see. When you have the best cropping tool like, your cropping automatically enhances.
  • You need to crop the image in such a way that it looks polished: The image should look polished and enhanced and not just randomly cut.
  • People should never feel like the images are cropped: Even though the image is cropped, it should never be felt by the viewers or you can call it a CROPPING FAILURE!
  • While cropping someone out of the picture, be sensitive: Don’t crop someone, who has gently posed for the picture, unless it is really needed; it can be quite offensive if the person remembers being in the picture!
  • Zooming is essential at times, when you crop a particular picture: Zoom, as you crop!


  • You have to adjust the brightness and contrast after cropping the image: Brightness and contrast need to be adjusted after the cropping of the image.
  • Keep the life of the image, even if you crop it up: Don’t make the image look dull by cropping it way too much.
  • Bring the focus to front, rather than cropping it out of the picture: Even if the focus is a dead bench, keep it as the center point of the image.
  • Get rid of the extras: Whether they are unnecessary shapes, crowd or a few random lines, kick them off while cropping.
  • You can cut the body parts in portraits, but keep the essence of the image alive: Even if you crop the ears, head or neck of an individual in the portrait, cropping should not suck the essence out of the picture.

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